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Smart Energy Solutions

Energy is generated at power plants, converted and distributed through a the grid, and delivered to various consumers such as factories, commercial buildings, and households. While loss is inevitable during distribution, conversion, and consumption, Delta’s mission is to improve energy efficiency and its visibility throughout this journey.

Delta PV solutions enhance energy efficiency on the generation side. These solutions include solar inverters for residential rooftops, commercial and industrial rooftops, and megawatt-level solar plant applications with up to 98.8 efficiency and cloud monitoring platform.

Delta energy storage solutions control and regulate power so that usage can be optimized. The solutions include power conditioning systems (PCS) that manage power regulation and dispatch, battery storage system of various form factors and scales, control system, and an energy management system for managing power and connected devices.

Delta EV charging solutions include AC chargers, DC chargers, and a backend system for operators and site owners to manage their charging services.

Delta also leverages Energy IoT technologies to provide DeltaGrid® Energy Management Solution, which greatly increase management efficiency of energy usage throughout the grid by connecting IoT devices to each infrastructure.

Even better, Delta can integrate them in different combinations and provide a total solution tailored to system needs.