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Rural Electrification System (RES)

A Solar Off-Grid Solution incorporates numerous energy input sources, such as diesel generators, batteries, solar panels, or wind turbines suitable for Rural Electrifications. This solution allows you to optimize the operation of the site, to achieve maximum efficiency at all times.

Eltek's Off-Grid power core is based on the Flatpack2 product family, fully integrated into complete and flexible solutions with one single Smartpack2 controller monitoring all energy sources, flow and storage.

Eltek's tested and proven off-grid turnkey solution is assembled in Sydney Australia for those needing reliable energy with the highest uptime performance. It's a cabinet-based IP55 solution with fully contained climate management will ensure you have energy when you want it. With flexibility and modularity in design, it will present an easy ability to start small and add incremental "Modules" to easily grow your capacity without the complicated wiring experienced with other traditional systems. Three Phase, Single Phase, or Two-Phase, all achieved without the need to double or triple your infrastructure.

Typical applications

  • Domestic / Residential Grid Independence
  • Remote Pumping
  • Construction camps / Office
  • Green Crypto Mining
  • Single or Three Phase input to Single or Three Phase output
  • Optional Split Phase input available