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Why Delta?
Our working environment
is a very dynamic one. You will find at Delta an ever-changing, highly challenging working environment. Naturally, this calls for a certain mindset. Above all, our employees are flexible in the way they think and act. In the same time they enjoy change and innovation. You'll feel at home at Delta if you are open minded and if you enjoy working with colleagues from all over the world.

Delta offers you the opportunity for self-development. You will develop your skills and capabilities by taking on challenging tasks and getting involved in interesting projects. The opportunity is up to you: either you take the challenge and grow in your specialized area or you are open to take a sideway step and enter in new fields. You determine your development path in consultation with your line manager. Regular feedback allows you to assess your current qualifications and the requirements which have been established for you and your work. Together you define your next set of development goals and what you need to do to achieve them. Your development at Delta is predicted by your willingness to learn and your personal commitment.

Global opportunities
We bring together the ideas of people from many nations every day, working across geographic and business boundaries to fulfill our clients' needs. Your access to our resources and colleagues around the globe translates to opportunities, knowledge and experience.

Our work environment encourages you to take the initiative and demonstrate your abilities. Everyone at Delta is encouraged to perform to the highest professional standards – and your contribution will be recognized and rewarded.
Performance minded
You'll have the experience of working together with other outstanding people who are used to performing to the most exacting standards. When you join us, you'll find we're committed to our values of truth, clarity and performance. If you admire those qualities, you'll be in good company.
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