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Delta Electronics is proud to announce that EVO Power is our approved System Integrator (SI)

Small electricity generating plants were installed to illuminate individual premises. The Victorian Electric Light Co. was succeeded by the Australian Electric Co. and later by the Melbourne Electric Supply Co. among numerous others. Locally, the first example of the general supply of electricity from a central point was the establishment by the Melbourne City Council of the Spencer Street Power Station from which the streets of the central business district were first illuminated on 7 March 1894. Ironically, the power was generated using boilers fired by coke supplied from the gasworks of the Metropolitan Gas Co.*

Distribution Grid Agreements, Wiring Standards, ambient temperature ratings, IP standards, FCAS, Peak Load Shaving, AEMO, AER, AS4777, AC Coupled, API’s, EMS, BMS.  The range of acronyms for the various standards required for a decentralised energy grid is extensive and complex.

The complexity of the energy industry has certainly changed since 1894 but in essence the electricity grid will become what is was once nearly 127 years ago; decentralised and responsive to local needs.

Handling the complexities surrounding Battery Energy Storage Systems requires a specialist approach and simply matching an inverter with a battery simply isn’t as simple as it sounds. The specific requirements, an understanding of the industry, testing and verification and understanding the particular challenges across Australia with varying operating conditions, logistical issues and applications requires a specialist team.

Delta Electronics is proud to announce that EVO Power from Victoria is our approved System Integrator (SI) for our PCS100 100KW 3P4W Power Conditioning System certified to ASNZS4777.2-2020.  It is the first PCS to be certified to ASNZS4777.2 -2020 globally according to Global Certification Company TUV.

The project was managed by Adam Carey Regional Manager Power Conditioning Systems and Battery Energy Storage Australia NZ, supported by Delta Electronics Australia Country Manager David Leal during COVID-19.

“Over the last 12 months we have worked closely and remotely with EVO Power during COVID-19 Lockdown and we are proud to announce that Jamie Allen and his team are Delta Electronics Australia 1st approved System Integrator for the PCS100HV," said Adam.

EVO Power stand ready to handle the complexity needed for your Battery Energy Storage System needs and with their Distribution agreements across Australia and NZ, they stand ready and responsive to your local needs supported by Delta Electronics Australia.

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About EVO Power Pty Ltd

EVO Power is an Australian Energy Storage System (ESS) manufacturing business made up of a passionate team of Mechanical and Electrical engineers. Utilising the team’s vast experience in the renewable energy and manufacturing industries, EVO Power was formally established in 2019, our vision is to be the leader in Australian engineered Commercial/Industrial and Utility ESS systems by providing quality solutions with local support.

Using only Tier 1 supply partners EVO Power build on proven and trusted technologies and advance these systems to suit Australia’s unique climate and Electricity Network requirements.  EVO Power have ESS power solutions in single-phase and three-phase typically utilised with solar for On-Grid or Off-Grid applications for Large Residential and Light Commercial applications. In 2021, our C&I/ Small Utility NEO range was launched incorporating advanced Grid market services controls. In early 2022, EVO Power will launch its Utility Scale Solutions.

EVO Power is currently experiencing rapid local expansion and in 2022 will look at launching its products in other Global Markets.

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