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Photovoltaic Inverter

As Australia and New Zealand embrace solar energy, Delta’s solar inverters provide the best solution for both home and commercial use.

  1. High Efficiency
    High Efficiency of up to 98.5% using transformerless topology developed by Delta, the global leader in power electronics.

  2. Build To Last
    Using high power density and high temperature tolerant electronics encased in a robust die-cast enclosure, Delta's inverters are built to withstand the harshest of Australian environments.

  3. Local Support
    Get after sales support from customer support teams based in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland.

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Products List

Residential - Home Series

Delta's residential range is the right choice for home owners that are seeking an affordable solar solution that has all essential functions plus reliable performance to generate clean solar electricity and provide energy security for the home.

Commercial - RPI M Series

The Delta Commercial Series offers an ultra-wide operating voltage range. Even under harsh environmental conditions the wide MPPT range will stay within its maximum operating range, making it the outstanding choice for commercial applications where maximum yield, reliablity and cost savings are essential.

Energy Storage System

Delta combines solar inverters and batteries to develop energy storage systems and hybrid inverters for various applications. When used in solar plants or substations, these systems give instant and accurate power control to assist with maintaining the service quality of power grids. At the power consumption end, they can be used for backup power. During emergencies or power outages, the power stored in energy storage systems can be immediately utilized.

Monitoring System

Delta’s solar plant monitoring system combines a cloud management platform and wireless data collector to provide remote control of solar systems. By being able to obtain power generation information and equipment status information through our data collectors, operators can more accurately detect abnormalities and eliminate problems in real time, ensuring stable operation of solar power generation systems and optimized power generation efficiency.