SOARING FUEL PRICES and lower operating costs of EVs is making e-mobility an attractive choice for Australian drivers. According to the Electric Vehicle Council, EV sales in Australia have tripled since 2020 to reach 20,655 in 2021. EVs now make up 2 per cent of all vehicles sold nationally and many consumers are waiting months or longer for some popular EV models.

Yet, with more and more EVs on our roads, we'll need a lot more chargers to allay drivers' range anxiety and support nationwide electrification. In a 2021 Savvy survey, 17 per cent of respondents were most concerned about charging station availability when making an EV purchase. Savvy reports that Australia currently has just over 3,000 EV public charging points to cover 7.692 million square kilometres.

Founded in 1971, Delta Electronics is a global provider of power and thermal management solutions. Delta products power much of the electrical equipment and devices used every day including electric vehicles themselves. With R&D, manufacturing and sales networks spanning the globe, Delta builds on its expertise in power conversion and efficiency to develop parts and EV chargers (both on-board and off-board) for top car manufacturers.

Delta's localised EV charging solutions for Australians
Over the years, Delta Electronics Australia has offered EV drivers a wide range of AC and DC chargers for both home and public charging that operate reliably in Australia's tough and varying environmental conditions.

In May, Delta Australia announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with Australian EV charging software company Everty. Australian EV drivers can now access real-time information around charger condition and maintenance, and select charging at off-peak periods for significant cost savings. Everty's intuitive software also offers billing management for Delta EV Chargers to support the multitude of Charge Point Operators in the broad market. At Smart Energy 2022, Delta Australia showcased a range of existing, new and upcoming EV charging solutions including:

  • The new Delta DC Wallbox 50kW: Designed for high-efficiency commercial charging featuring over 96% charging efficiency and simultaneous charging with a maximum output of 50kW of DC power from two charging plugs. IP55 weather resistance and IK10 impact rating, an ultra-slim 25cm profile, and the ability to be mounted on a pedestal makes it an ideal choice for urban sites including roadside parking, parking lots, department stores, commercial and office buildings.
  • Delta DC City Charger: This flexible DC fast charger available in 50kW, 100kW and 200kW versions offers simultaneous dual charging and dynamic load distribution that optimises use. With IP55 weather resistance and IK10 impact rating, it is suitable for fleets, commercial applications and charging networks.
  • Delta AC MAX: Compact and powerful, the AC Max is available in 7kW, 11kW and 22kW versions. It is a perfect fit for home use, semi-commercial applications like cafes, malls and apartments, and for fleet charging. IP55 weather resistance, IK09 impact rating, and wall mount/stand installation options make the Delta AC Max adaptable to all sorts of installations in residential or commercial buildings.
  • Upcoming Delta V2X Charger: Those attending Smart Energy 2022 got a first look at the innovative Delta V2X Charger that will make Vehicle-to-Grid charging a reality, providing bi-directional power conversion with max. 11kW output and 95% peak efficiency for charging/discharging EVs.
Delta: Your partner for world-class EV charging solutions in Australia
Australia's growing EV community can look forward to getting their hands on more exciting Delta EV charging solutions developed globally and domestically.

In addition, Delta Australia offers local service and support to operators far beyond installation, and is dedicated to their long-term success as a reliable partner. Delta is committed to ensuring the availability of spare parts to service and maintain public chargers' uptime.

First published in the Smart Energy Magazine Winter Edition - June 2022

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