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Delta Announces New Relevant Agent Authorization for OTR Remote Shutdown Requirement in SA

Melbourne, Australia, February 1, 2021-Delta Electronics Australia announced its Wi-Fi capable solar inverters comply with the South Australia OTR and South Australian Power Network’s new requirement for each new solar installation to be able to stop generating energy to the grid upon instruction by a network operator.

According to this new requirement, each new solar customer must engage a “relevant agent” who is responsible for receiving the command from the network and issuing the command to the inverter to shut down/ power on or to disconnect. 

Newly installed solar inverters must be fitted with a technology capable of doing this and the agent must always be available to receive the instruction.

Delta successfully demonstrated to the South Australia Department of Energy Mining and Resources that any Delta RPI inverter with Wi-Fi capability has the necessary technology for remote disconnect built-in.

Delta Electronics Australia’s solar inverter customers can engage Delta as their relevant agent without any extra cost. The only requirement is a Wi-Fi network with an internet connection and to keep the inverter online.

Anyone in South Australia planning on installing a Wi-Fi capable inverter from the Delta RPI range can complete the process online at Delta Support.  

01 Febuary 2021