Green Buildings

Since the construction of Delta's first green plant/office building at the Southern Taiwan Science Park in 2006, Delta actively promised all future Delta plants and offices shall utilize green building concepts. In 2017, Delta established two new green buildings: EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Headquarters and Thailand Plant 5. In particular, the EMEA Headquarters was renovated into an energy-saving green building from the existing building, winning 'Very Good' Green Building certification from the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). At the same time, it received an A-class Building mark from the Netherlands Energy Conservation Building.

The EMEA Headquarters has implemented multiple Delta products and solutions, including a building management and control system, building energy management system, solar inverters, energy storage system, energy efficiency adjustment system, and electric vehicle charging. The green building serves as a successful case of applying Delta's technology to renovate existing buildings. In addition, the Shanghai green building, which has already achieved a LEED Gold certification, was further implemented with Delta solutions, and received LEED Platinum certification for renovated existing buildings in 2017.

In addition, Delta's American Headquarters was awarded Honorable Mention at the Livable Buildings Award from the Center for the Built Environment (CBE) from UC Berkeley. Delta's American Headquarters is a certified LEED Platinum green building, and innovative energy-saving technology was implemented to achieve the target of net-zero consumption. In July 2017, besides achieving net-zero energy consumption, the solar power generated from the building had even exceeded its consumption level. As of 2017, Delta had 13 certifed green plants and buildings.

Delta’s Certified Green Buildings Saved 13.29 million kWh of Electricity and 8,414 tons of CO2e

Global green factories and offices

  • Tainan Plant (Phase I)
    EEWH Diamond

  • Tainan Plant (Phase II)
    EEWH Diamond

  • Taoyuan Technology Center
    LEED/EEWH Gold

  • Taoyuan Plant 5
    LEED/EEWH Gold

  • Taipei Headquarters
    EEWH-RN Diamond

  • Beijing Office Building
    LEED Silver

  • Shanghai Operation Center
    LEED Gold LEED Platinum (Building Renovation)

  • Gurgaon Plant
    LEED-India Platinum

  • Rudrapur Plant
    LEED-India Gold

  • India Mumbai Office Building
    LEED Platinum

  • Americas Headquarters
    LEED Platinum

  • EMEA Headquarters
    BREEAM Very Good

  • DET Plant 5
    LEED Gold

Global green factories and offices

  • The Namasia MinQuan Elementary School
    EEWH Diamond

  • The Magic School of Green Technologies at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)
    LEED Platinum EEWH Diamond

  • The Delta Building at National Cheng Kung University(NCKU)
    EEWH Green Building

  • The Delta Building at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)
    EEWH Bronze

  • The Kuo-Ting Optoelectronic Building at National Central University (NCU)
    EEWH Bronze

Delta's global green factories and offices

Donated buildings